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Green Season in Costa Rica is not to be missed

Turtles in Ostional, photo credit yogabylauralucy
Turtles in Ostional, photo credit yogabylauralucy.

The Green Season is beginning in Costa Rica, and with it the vegetation comes alive, becoming even more lush and verdant.  Certainly, the rain is needed for this transformation, and some travelers feel weary about taking a holiday during the rainy season.  There are plenty of reasons to venture here May through November.  It´s less crowded and busy, you can get great deals on hotel stays and activities, and the temperature dips a bit, making for cooler weather.  Here are just some of the experiences that are even better during this season:

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Five exotic species that will make you want to visit Costa Rica

Three fingered sloth, photo credit Wikimedia.
Three fingered sloth, photo credit Wikimedia.

Have you heard about the biodiversity in Costa Rica? Is being able to view exotic animals one of your motivations for traveling here?  The country has done a good job of protecting areas where flora and fauna can flourish.  Here are some animals to seek out which are fun to observe and will provide great bragging rights upon your return.

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